Lapland Salmon

"The Silver of Lapland"           

When: 22 june 2021 – 31 august 2021

Where: J.L Guiding in Lapland

Here we go fishing in groups of maximum 2 persons and we go fishing for the Lapland Salmon in different parts of the river and in different rivers!

We allways go fishing int the best time of the day/night and were we have the best chans to get in contact with the Laplan Silver for the moment!
The rivers that we can be fishing in is Muonio (homeriver), Lainio river and Torneå river!

Normally I guide you mostlly in Muonioriver that we have 200 meter from were you will stay (Rajamaa) and if we have to we go to Torneå or Lainio river!

Lapland Salmon Package

(Flyfishing and/or spinning)

Accommodation in 2-bed chalet. 7 nights. (1-2 persones)
Accommondation in 4-bed chalet. 7 nights. (3-4 persones)

Breakefast, lunch-package and dinner at restaurant Rajamaa.
(Drinks not included).
Guiding 5 days, 8 hours/day.

Price in SEK:

1 Person 39 000kr SEK/pers
2 Persons 25 950kr SEK/pers
3 Persons 22 100kr SEK/pers

Ask for price if you are a bigger group!

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Salmon fishing in PRIVATE waters!
I have some Private parts of the river Muonio were we will go fishing!


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