I have been working as a teatcher since 2003 and teacheing fishingguides and Instructors.
Teatching different fishingmethods, guiding, casting and more.


I arrange different FlyFishing courses in the summers and other times of the year if there is interest.

I arrange courses in:                 
FlyFishing for Newbeginners
Grayling FlyFishing
Two hand FlyFishing for Newbeginners
Pike FlyFishing
FlyTying for Newbeginners
FlyFishing & FlyTying for Grayling

Price: (8h / day)
5000kr SEK / day Maximum 1 Persons
6000kr SEK / day Maximum 2 Persons
7000kr SEK / day Maximum 3 Persons

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"Jesper Larsson have worked as a Professional Fishingguide and Instructor since 2001"