Rent a Fishing kayak - Nucanoe Frontier 12

600 kr
Inc. 25% Tax
Rent a Nucanoe Frontier 12 for 8h
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Rent a Nucasnoe Frontier 12 Fishingkayak 
It is a perfekt fishingkayak that is extremely stabil and you can even use it with two people. 
You have to get ti from Muoniovaara and leave it back in Muoniuovaara. 
Ask me if you want to rent it for a longer time. 
Take contact with me if you want to rent it too see if it is available at the time. 

Längd: 12 fot (365 cm)
Bredd: 104 cm
Höjd: 30-43 cm
Skrovvikt: 35 kg
Max last: 294 kg (med scupperplugs)
Självlänsande max. last: 158 kg
Antal personer: 1-3 pers.
Max. motor: 2,5 hk
1 st Pinnacle 360 stol som standard