Lapland Grayling

Grayling Fishing in Lapland

When: 17 june 2017 – 9 september 2018

Where: J.L Guiding in Lapland

Lapland Grayling Adventure in Swedish Lapland
You will stay in beautyfull placed Rajamaa that is lokated on a island in the middle of river Muonio that is the border river between Sweden and Finland!

Pictures from Rajamaa >> HERE

Here we will go fishing in the river around the island, some smaller rivers in the area and in some different lakes within one hour from Rajamaa.
We normally go out fishing after breakfast and we make a nice fire by the river/lake were i make some cowboy coffee or tee for you and we eat our lunchpackage that we make from the breakfast buffeé.

After a nice day of Grayling fishing you will have a really nice dinner att Rajamaa and enjoy the view ower the beautyfull Muonio river!

Some day in the week depending on the wether we also can have a free day and the go fishing in the evening/night instead!

Here you can do spinning or flyfishing!

And if you want i be glad to instruct you in the art of flyfishing!

Lapland Grayling Package

Accommodation in 2-bed chalet. 7 nights.  (1-2 pers)
Accomondation in 4-bed chalet 7 nights (3-4 pers)
Breakefast, lunch-package and dinner at restaurant Rajamaa.
(Drinks not included).
Guiding 5 days, 8 hours/day.

Price in SEK:
1 Persone 39 000kr SEK/pers
2 Persones 24 950kr SEK/pers
3 Persones 19 100kr SEK/pers
4 Persones 17 875kr SEK/pers 

Ask for price if you are a bigger group!

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